Conveyor belts by Belting

Are you are looking for high quality conveyor belts? Belting is not limited to only the delivery and installation, we also provide all components and offer a complete service for the entire installation. We offer you, as a customer, a partnership in which we commit ourselves to handle your internal transport as well and efficiently as possible. Conveyor belts are only replaced when necessary and when we are sure of our choice of a conveyor belt for the specific application.

10 years of experience in conveyor belts

Belting counts on a decade of expertise in conveyor belts. This translates into thorough professional knowledge, strong commitment, ample supplies, exceptional quality, well-trained staff and state-of-the-art material. We only supply belts that meet the requirements and applicable laws. Belting is ready for you, day and night, seven days a week.



Thanks to the financial support from ESF, we have started a project "Tying bonds to a people-oriented future". Together with our employees we will look at our processes and structures and we want to strengthen ourselves in a changing and demanding market. Our goal is to defy the challenges of tomorrow in a sustainable manner and to ensure the full involvement of our employees. This is going to be a fascinating project!

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