Conveyor rollers and drums

Conveyor rollers and drums

A conveyor belt functions thanks to conveyor rollers. Drive rollers, reversing rollers, support rollers ... they all contribute to a flawless functioning of the conveyor belt.

Quality first

Belting only works with the best conveyor rollers and drums on the market. The covering of drums also belongs to our core business. Thanks to our large stock, we can ensure a rapid intervention at any time. Belting installs the following conveyor rollers: cutting blade transitions, light running rollers (gravity rollers and plain bearing roller), ball bearing rollers or bulk rollers, synthetic TQ-rollers and conveyor idlers. The material from which the rollers are made varies from steel to stainless steel to synthetic material and aluminium.

Speed strength

Drive drums can also be covered, supplied and installed by us in no time. Our program consists of synthetic drum coverings, rubber drum coverings and ceramic drum coverings. They come in various qualities, such as oil and grease resistant or suitable for food.

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