Belt scrapers

Belt scrapers

The right belt scrapers for the right application. That is our motto. In the conveyance of products, materials and substances, contamination of the belt could occur. In order to avoid the sticking of substances to the belt, belt scrapers are used. They form an extremely important component to have your installation operate under the best conditions at any given time.

Countless advantages

Correct scraping contributes to the economic objectives of the company. You avoid the sticking, wastage and losing control of the belts, which have excessive wear and tear as a consequence. The belts stay clean longer, which benefits the longevity. Moreover, you also save on cleaning and maintenance costs and you have less loss of your products. The capacity of your belt remains intact and thus contributes to optimal production. Belting offers various belt scrapers from all reputable brands: head scrapers, plough scrapers, brush scrapers ... Customization is always possible. Of course, you can also count on an efficient installation and impeccable service afterwards.

Main advantages

  • longer service life of the belt
  • less product loss
  • less maintenance and cleaning
  • maintaining optimum production

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