Rubber conveyor belts

Rubber conveyor belts

Belting is the ideal partner for all your rubber conveyor belts. Not only because of our large stock and state-of-the-art assembling hardware, but also by our expertise, experience and mastery of the technicality. With Dunlop and Continental as our domestic suppliers, we offer you rubber conveyor belts, reliable and top quality for every application.

Each application its own rubber conveyor belt

A rubber conveyor belt consists of three parts: the upper layer, the fabric package and the bottom coating layer. The fabric package is the most important part: it absorbs the tensile forces, carries the weight and processes the mechanical load. The rubber is intended to protect these fabrics as well as possible. Belting supplies various types of rubber conveyor belts: flat, profiled, hot vulcanized cleats, and accessories: calibration nets and elevator belts and -buckets.

Customised quality

All our products can be fully customized ​​according to your wishes and needs. We can press belts up to two meters wide on site thanks to our mobile presses. It goes without saying that all the rubber conveyor belts comply with the required quality guidelines and VCA (Safety, Health and Environment Checklist for Contractors) certification.

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