Printing companies & cardboard manufactures

Printing companies & cardboard manufactures

Conveyor belts paper industry? Printing companies and cardboard manufacturers are at the right address at Belting. Belting conveyor belts ensure that neither the printing matter nor the packaging can be damaged at the conveyance of loose printed matter, printed matter under foil and printing matter packed in boxes.

Time- and cost-saving

The Belting drive belts for printing companies work extremely precise and that at high speeds and volumes. They provide an acceleration of the processes and an optimization of operations. Belting offers quality solutions for various sectors within the paper industry and for printing companies: production of paper, packaging, printing, processing, etc. The added value of our products always translates into a cost-savings format.

A selection from the range

Below are some of our products that can be of use to printing companies and paper industries:

  • synthetic material conveyor belts
  • feeding belts with special coatings
  • endless woven belts
  • cogged belts
  • flat drive belts
  • assembly equipment

All of this, of course, in addition to our reliable service and maintenance service.

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