Drive belts

Drive belts

More than ever, drive belts must be extremely efficient and reliable in this rapidly evolving information society. Belting offers a complete range of high quality belts for power transmission, both for flat drive belts (link to page ‘flat drive belts’) as cogged drive belts (link to page ‘cogged drive belts’). A fully automatic chamfering machine, various cutting machines and advanced welding techniques enable us to deliver quality work very fast.

Paper and cardboard production

Printing companies that want to work profitably today need more velocity, more volume and more precision. Belting perfectly meets the needs to supply the highest quality drive belts in this demanding sector. The drive belt coatings are wear-resistant with a high grip, or just a low friction coefficient. In this way, a uniform, stable transmission speed is guaranteed.

Various coatings

You can choose from a wide range of materials for the coatings of the drive belts: textiles, leather, natural rubber, elastomer, etc. Seamless coatings are also possible.

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