Power Transmissions Volta

Power Transmissions Volta

Power Transmission Volta, a strong range of V- and other customized drive belts. Even only one copy is perfectly possible, which is interesting for replacement straps that are custom-made ​​for your specific machine. Volta’s experienced engineering team developed a unique technique to manufacture drive belts.

Standard and non-standard

Volta can produce any standard cross-section in each length and at the same time comply with the specific customer requirements. The automated system produces an excellent accuracy in length and small amounts of standard and non-standard belts in a short period of time. It is possible to add a surface layer to your Volta Power-belt from our wide range of belt coatings, so that a uniform and sustainable function is guaranteed.

Reason to choose belts from the Power Transmission Volta selection:

  • resistant to water, oil and chemicals
  • excellent dimension accuracy and length
  • high performance and longevity
  • resistant to harsh environments
  • custom profiles available on request
  • no minimum quantities required
  • short delivery periods possible

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